Paving business insights

There are a number of contractors offering paving services in Dudley. Choosing the right one can be a daunting task. You want to ensure that you are happy with the results after spending your hard earned money. Taking a look see around the city also helps you to find out what different options are there. Consult with a landscape architect to make you aware of all the options so that you can choose the one that fits well with your lifestyle.


Contractors generally post pictures of their work on their websites. They also have portfolios you can go through. Many dudleypavingservices will offer to tour your site and do a free survey for you. It is easier for them to estimate what the work will be like after having a look at your property. They will produce a quotation for you as well as a design.

Car/Women on Paved surfice

The materials used include cobble, brick, granite, patio slabs, gravel and tarmac. Pavers often double up as landscapers.

Your research can start online. Internet is a great place for getting ideas. Share these ideas with a professional in the industry like a landscape architect. They can properly advise you on the practicalities of implementing your ideas. They can also let you know of other possibilities you may not have thought of.
Walk around and find something you like, and then find out who did it. This way you already know what the finished product looks like. You know exactly what you are paying for. Think about what you want, what your budget is, and what your lifestyle is like.
Work with experienced contractors. Some contractors have more experience in paving. Once you know what you want, you can hire a contractor and the job will be done within two days usually.

Technically speaking anything is possible, but the cost implications differ. Some options are more expensive than others, depending on your location and the materials used.

It does not need to be watered, mowed or trimmed. Stone is very durable, it does not crack. It is flexible and truly permanent. Stone is also easy to repair, because if one piece of interlocking stone is damaged, all you have to do is remove the stone that is damaged and replace it. Stone is also low maintenance, and comes in so many different colors. Concrete on the other hand, is not durable. It can easily shrink and crack. Repair costs are also high and the choices in colors are limited. Asphalt also has less durability and offers few choices in colors. It is cheap to install however. Gravel on the other hand, is fairly durable, though it becomes uneven as time goes by. It needs repair often and does not offer a range of colors.