What goes bang and rhymes with nun?

One of the most common businesses you’ll see in the USA today is the firearm business. How common is it? There are lesser grocery shops than fire arms shops in the United States today. Statistics from 2014 showed that there are more than 54,026 firearm dealers that possess federal license to operate in the USA. That’s a staggering figure which indicates a 14% surge in gun stores since 2008.

Why so many gun shops?

Americans love firearms and they enjoy purchasing them. Dealers make so much profit from selling them as well. Besides, the sale and purchase of weapons are highly promoted in the USA. The Department of Justice estimates between 2,000 and 5200 firearm shows annually within the US alone, and that constitutes about 100 gun shows per week. This involves a mix of other activities including selling which makes the business very lucrative.


Who can own a gun store?

The 1993 Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act prevents certain groups of people from becoming licensed dealers. Any aspiring  dealer shall undergo a background check. Generally these people are barred from dealing in weapons: illegal immigrants and some legal immigrants, mentally derailed persons, persons under a restraining order, persons previously convicted of domestic violence, felons, drug addicts and fugitives.
How to run and who to sell to?
All licensed dealers are mandated to do a background check before selling ammunition to clients. Vendors also cannot sell to the categories of people listed earlier. However, this check only lasts for a couple of minutes over the computer. However one of the most popular and admired guns is the Red Dot Scope. As a dealer you should budget red dot sight which costs between $ 150 and $250 in regular shops. Whether you own or want to own a shop as big as Walmart or a small store, you need to budget for this gun.