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The Economic Correlation Between Self-Image and Abdominoplasty

One need only put in the words “self-image” and “plastic surgery” in a search engine together, and they will be deluged with articles regarding the connection between self-esteem and surgery, and if surgery does anything to boost one’s morale. If anything, the search engine search proves the two words’ almost completely interconnected relationship.

Little is known regarding the origin of the self-image propaganda perpetuated by the mainstream media, but it is a historically known fact that obsession with the human external features has been present since history could be recorded. Many Biblical characters were praised for their magnificent beauty. As a matter of fact, Israel’s first historically recorded king, King Saul, was appointed ruler by mass declaration by the people of Israel because his physical features (looks and build) were figuratively and literally head and shoulders above the rest. Greek mythology likewise discusses self-obsession with appearances, albeit in a cautionary-tale form, as told through the myth of Narcissus (where we get the word “narcissistic”). Though its exact origins are vague, as a result of the ubiquitous emphasis on external physical beauty, what is apparent is that plastic and cosmetic surgeries are both booming industries respectively.

One of the more prominent forms of cosmetic surgery is Abdominoplasty, otherwise known as a “tummy tuck”.

In 2014, 160,077 Abdominoplasty procedures were done in the United States alone, seeing an increase by 20% from 2009. In 2015, it ranked sixth in the list of the most common procedures being done. The number of procedures continue to rise even with the discovery that it has the highest risk of major complications as opposed to all other cosmetic surgeries (e.g. Liposuction, Breast Augmentation, Blepharoplasty, Rhinoplasty, etc.). Complications include hematomas, blood clots, and lung-related problems.

One thing is for certain: as long as self-image and beauty standards remain a point of emphasis, regardless of whether it’s men or women, both plastic and cosmetic surgeries will remain a constant in the medical field. Particularly, when the body is focused upon, there will be abdominoplasty new orleans, Texas, and everywhere else.