Renting automobiles needn’t be hard

The Best Exotic Car Rental Companies in Charlotte

When visiting the city of Charlotte in north Carolina, you may need to rent a car. Well this city has more than enough rentals to suit all your needs. Ones that provide family cars, trucks, and all sorts, but when you’ve just rolled in at the Charlotte airport with a fancy lady on your arm, the last thing you wanted to be greeted by is a family car. You want something fast, beautiful and racy, which is why we’re going to give some examples of the best Charlotte Exotic Car Rental Companies!

1. Sixt Rent

Sixt Rent is one of the best Charlotte car rental companies in the city. It offers many services such as an airport pick up, an easy booking system and such exotic fancy cars as Ford Mustang and a Mercedes-Benz. Who wouldn’t want to rent from this company?

2. Queen City Dream.

A relatively new company for Charlotte, Queen City Dream has a variety of services, such as daily rentals, and they host a much wider variety of cars than the previous company, such as a 2014 Roll Royce. Definitely worth the money, how many people can say they’ve driven a Rolls Royce?

3. Charlotte Luxury Rentals

Not as much variety but definitely more service, Charlotte Luxury Rentals not only give you a fantastic selection of exotic cars, such as a Bentley Continental Flying Spur, but also includes the option of having a 24 hour concierge service. You can’t get any more high class than this.

We hope that, whether you are just visiting Charlotte, or live there permanently, you will consider renting an exotic car for the day, and if you are considering doing so, you have a proper look at the Charlotte rental companies we have mentioned. If you liked this informational article why don’t you discuss it with friends?