Money, moola, dosh… you name it.

With the current state of the global economy and the ongoing lack of confidence in global markets, is it any wonder that people are becoming more mindful about how they manage their money.

Gone are the days of care-free spending and the live-for-today attitude. Today’s worker is more interested in maximizing their income. Working to ensure their future and possibly using financial products and services to help meet this goal. Wealth management has become big business for privateers and organizations a like. Banks no longer provide the generous interest rates of yesteryear, therefore investors are looking to other methods to leverage their wealth.

Arguably, recent investment trends have fueled economic phenomena like the housing-market bubble, the likes of which are seen in London, Zurich and other major cities the world over. With so many wealthy investors inflating the property market, is there any space left for first-time buyers? A topic for a different time maybe…

All is not lost. Recent times have seen the creation of many wealth management companies (like for example). Businesses like this help individuals and other businesses with the management of their finances. Their IFAs are all government regulated and knowledgeable of all financial instruments and products.

Anderson Wealth Management, for example, are a typical example of the type of support one can expect to receive–check their site out for details. Mortgages are covered by Daniel Anderson, while Joe Anderson deals with investments pensions, and income protection. They are a family-run business which began existence in Wiltshire, the UK. They provide nationwide support and services, so if you’re in the UK it might be worth getting in touch with them if you have any financial queries or any specific challenges.

There are alternatives of course, like the banks… but you’ll be hard pressed to get the type of return assured by a good wealth management company.